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Quality Assurance

The aim of Point Marketing Kft is to achieve and maintain the leadership in the market and to increase our market share.
Therefore we are using such effective system to guarantee the continuous excellent quality, the development of our commercial activity and our customers’ satisfaction. The management of Point Marketing Kft defined the followings in order to reach the above:

During our commercial activity of food products we implemented, are using and developing the HACCP system continuously.

We assure the quality of our services with ensuring the needed resources, with a flexible management of the customers demand, and with a managerial control of the workflow. During our work we are taking into consideration the experience of the customers’ comments and feedback.

The employees of our company are doing a good job, when our customers are satisfied with our services.

The reliable, precise work is considered essential for us.

The management of the Point Marketing Kft is engaged in the above and has an active role in it; which maintains our success and competitiveness – besides the satisfaction of our clients. We would like to build a long-time relationship with our selected suppliers who identify themselves with our objectives of quality.
The management supports the education and self-education in order to reach our goals.
We require that all of our colleagues contribute to the development of our system and to the success of our company – with personal skills, engagement and responsibility.


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